Frustrated Fisherman

Aug 27, 2023    Jeff Fritscher

Life can feel like an endless ride on the struggle bus sometimes. We face frustrations big and small - a job loss, relationship troubles, health issues, even just getting stuck in traffic. It's easy to get annoyed and impatient. But in Luke 5:1, we read about how Jesus was preaching to a crowd on the shore of Lake Gennesaret. The crowd pressed in close, eager to hear his words. Jesus saw some empty boats along the edge of the lake and got into Simon Peter's boat. He asked Simon to push out a little from the shore so he could continue teaching without getting crushed. 

Even when frustrated by the crowds, Jesus didn't lash out. He found a creative solution. When we feel frustrated, we can follow His example. Take a step back, breathe deep, and look for alternatives. How can we maneuver around obstacles while still pursuing our goals? With God's help, we can turn frustration into opportunity and find calm in the chaos. The struggle bus will come, but it doesn't have to derail us.